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Mexican Sun

Mexican Sun Lyrics by Chevelle
Mexican Sun Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Mexican Sun By Chevelle?

Soon the stares catch
We begin to kill the calm as we
Feed on the facts let's give in
Let's give in to give in more

Still on the knees
Such as shame
The cat's up and run away
Scratched at me first
Then the boy
Gonna panic for a little more
Watch the tail boy
Watch the tail

Like to be feeling the sand
Bring color
Back to both my arms the sun
Let it do damage like they said it
Would if given chance
Had to be shouting your voices
Scheming devils
Never make it through
Hey way to go lad
Hey way to go (Can't wait to go)

Closing out all my tabs
Tighten down the pitiful
Lend you a pen
Write it down
Or you know what you can do
With that
Watch that tail boy
Watch that tail

Let's let the panic bloom
Could help us all end up in the
Then let the havoc choose
To shape us all, push us to invent
We can feed off shame all day
We could feed off the shame all day

Who Wrote Mexican Sun By Chevelle?

Peter Loeffler, Samuel Loeffler

What's The Duration Of The Mexican Sun By Chevelle?

The duration of Mexican Sun is 4:15 minutes and seconds.

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