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Come Tomorrow

Come Tomorrow Lyrics by Chicane
Come Tomorrow Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Come Tomorrow By Chicane?

If I talked to god he'd tell me why
There's something going on
Dark people walking by
This morning is the day after the next
Escape my only dream
'Cause I'm the only one again

But life is better spent inside your world
Butterfly that sings
Causes me to fall once more
Tomorrow you are only half a friend
Machines control your mind
And neon strips above my head

Come tomorrow, come tomorrow
There's never been an answer
There's always someone else to follow
And you are coming down, and you are coming down
Giving me the reasons for your lies

And when you turn me inside out
Don't know what you feel or dream about
And then you take me upside down
Remember my face, my name, my town

When I think of god he knows my mind
I'm wondering what's wrong
What will the devil find
Tomorrow you will find there's no way out
With nowhere left to turn
There's no place left to hide from him

In a city made of sand
We found our way out
But without a helping hand
We're free

Turn me inside out
Don't know what you dream about
Take me upside down
Take me, take me
And you turn me inside out
Don't know what you dream about

Who Wrote Come Tomorrow By Chicane?

Nick Bracegirdle

What's The Duration Of The Come Tomorrow By Chicane?

The duration of Come Tomorrow is 4:47 minutes and seconds.

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