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Butta Lyrics by Cool Breeze
Butta Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Butta By Cool Breeze?

[Chorus 2x]
I had the strangest dream
I was in this place called butta
You wouldn't believe what I seen
Ooh you got that butta

My name Cool Breeze I got that country crock
All the girls on the block they call me chop chop chop
I cuts em up baby and my cuts be very precise
And uh right before they melt i put em back in ice
And every now and then I take em out for a test
Then it's back to the cooler to make sure they stay fresh
They always scream my name at my heavyweight bout
I like grits, girls raised in the South
Hanging out for a night and she'll never forget
How I showed her respect and I'm a East Point vet
She stay on Old Nat'l, she wants to see me today
And when she see me tonight she gon be college parkay

[Chorus 2x]

OK, first let me tell you how I tell how I tell
When i first walk in the room I check for the smell
And if it's on and popping I won't be saying nothing
We can begin on the sofa where the parts jumping
I know she telling all her friends about this butta she get
And tonight she gon submit to the greatest hit
Now we done done a lot of talking and enough has been said
Girl get up on this toast and let me see how you spread
I said paper, scissors, young cool cutter
Toss em up in the air and cut em up like butter
She said she never heard of nothing like that in her whole life
That's when I pulled off my shirt and then I took out my knofe

[Chorus 2x]

Take you to get yo nails done, play that song "The Player's Ball"
Run you over Kiesha house, drop you off by Greenbrown Mall
It don't matter how long you try to keep me out
I'm a still chop and dice you up like we were at the Waffle House
Girls always asking me like what do I mean
When I say butter berry cream when I'm floating downstream
See this type of butter ain't like Land-O-Lakes
it's just moist in the middle like some hot pancakes
When I go over her house she always sitting alone
And be playing my songs, I mean like all night long
If i, Cool Cutter, gave one reply
When I wake up in the morning, my cholestorol high

[Chorus 4x]

Who Wrote Butta By Cool Breeze?

Braymond Murra, Frederick Bell, Patrick Brown, Rico Wade

What's The Duration Of The Butta By Cool Breeze?

The duration of Butta is 4:27 minutes and seconds.

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