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Gangsta Partna

Gangsta Partna Lyrics by Cool Breeze
Gangsta Partna Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Gangsta Partna By Cool Breeze?

[Featuring Big Boi]
Who knows why we won't stop
It goes on and on and on....
Who knows why we won't stop
(Nobody move nobody make a sound)
It goes on and on and on....
Hey My Partna got this way wit his toungue
He told ya boy give me tha money wait right here til I'm done
And made bomb
When we get ya we gon' floss like stars
From buyin outfits to everybody drinks at Charles
We got them cars Black Range Rover wit bars
Big Beama AMG kit with them stars
Bro we hard
Like when everybody buck at tha park
Them girls be screamin
Ya'll don't want to make them start
When we say Shhhh!
They be quiet
When we say jump,
They say when
When I say get out my face don't preach
They do it right then
It ain't no mystery my partnas know I'm gangsta as Hell
Bustin raps but so first I got some dank ta sell.
Four mo bails
Three mo blocks two mo owes
Ay everybody ridin gatorbacks and rims got chrome
All the cribs got gates and all the Kids wear Nikes
And ain't nobody girl trippin cause we'll cut of the lights
Lets hit tha club
Hate ta be a lamppost
This tha night we get it tight and see who clockin the most
Just bailed in off them dangerous streets
Fresh off a Lick 5 G's a piece
Me and my favorite gangsta partna did good this mornin
We get love from Decatur cause we run this Point
It felt good bro runnin off wit all that dough
Man I had that nigga lay it down feel it for sho
Suckas flexin n' flauntin they gonna buck what they want to
When police look we ask em what tha f*ck they want
We some high school drop-outs wit high class jobs
Gettin weight from outta state
And tell em we got robbed
Calhoun Jeans brand new ride pockets fat
3 level condos wit a hustle ta match
Boi it's time ta beat the sac man Tha last one I'm burntThats why me
and my
gangsta partna,Boots?Be dirty from all the workThat we put inNigga got
cut up
firstThen I stood in
We takin it back to reverse 8's
Ya'll Niggas thought we couldn't
I'm talkin bout that old school shit
From the Swats
Get so fiery from the gentlemen's club and
Cheapinin out ya crops
Nigga Don't Stop
Magic City right around the block
And You know the (?????) on the camps
And SouthernPlayalistic drop
But I think I'm gonna catch the crib
Gotta get up in the mornin and fix some breakfast for my kid
And I did boy sho as my name is Dwayne but it ain't
My gangsta partna pulled some young bitches at tha skating rink
Don't let them niggas smoke up the dank
He said nigga what you thank
Your gangsta partna turnin cake
(CHORUS to fade)

Who Wrote Gangsta Partna By Cool Breeze?

Antwan Patton Patrick Brown, David Sheats Fredrick Bell, Rico Wade Raymon Murray

What's The Duration Of The Gangsta Partna By Cool Breeze?

The duration of Gangsta Partna is 3:36 minutes and seconds.

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