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Same Ol' Story

Same Ol' Story Lyrics by Corey Gunz
Same Ol' Story Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Same Ol' Story By Corey Gunz?

It feel like the same old story, everywhere that I go
And I don't really wanna do it all again tomorrow
So I'm trying to find something brand new
I'm sorry if you see me and I'm acting brand new
It feel like the same old bitches, same old haters
See me in the club, wanna come sit at my table
I'm trying to find something brand new
I'm sorry if you see me and I'm acting brand new

No handouts for no niggas
No handouts for no bitches
Killed the underground with my lifestyle
I'll let y'all fucks be the witness
But I'm losing my mind
On the block like 9 and a 9
Well until it got pined
You ain't know that it's something about time?
We didn't care about that
Remember the time I said I rapped?
Then the niggas came after
Even the hoes was full of laughter
Flew back to the booth, went harder
Now node your heads to the product
Suck a nigga dick like he hotter
Slinky on the booty like your father

Beard look like Osama
Don't talk to me less about commas
Real shit, Go time get a meal tip
Save your compliments for the comments
Getting money is my assignment
Will still be in the set


Damn, these niggas hating, I can't understand
I'm your favourite's favourite, you the fan of a fan
I feel like if I fall off this boat I could walk
Y'all rap, Cory Gunz talk what he talk
Shorty said she coming, she bringing a friend
They ain't smoking with me, though, cause they didn't put in
Bitch, I be touring with Tunechi and Mack
Saluting Stunna on the way to the stage and way back
How many niggas you know chill on the block with they fam and
Tell you if you need something handled, go and holla at Nick Cannon
Still spitting like I'm trying to get the deal
Don't fly private all the time, but I fly private with Shaquille


Same old haters, niggas just don't give a f*ck
Tired of that old shit, swag is on some Bentley truck
Tired of these zeroes, ain't nobody near, though
Cause ain't nobody ready, throw the paper like confetti
Man, I get jobs, a hundred stack
Ya'll miss Jobs, like Wozniak
I make y'all insomniac?
No more sleeping, nigga
What you thinking, nigga?
I got your girl and need that E like we the Weeknd, nigga
People figure, cause I don't like it unless it's brand new
Everything is old news, even all your club clothes
Look like shit I wear when I need something from the Whole Foods
Royalty the newest niggas fucking old dudes


Who Wrote Same Ol' Story By Corey Gunz?

Brian Collins, Tyree Simmons, Mack Loggins, Quincey Hanley, Donald Glover, Peter Pankey Jr.

What's The Duration Of The Same Ol' Story By Corey Gunz?

The duration of Same Ol' Story is 4:23 minutes and seconds.

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