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Kiss of Fire

Kiss of Fire Lyrics by David Hughes
Kiss of Fire Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Kiss of Fire By David Hughes?

Woah ohhhhh, ohhhhhh,
I touch your lips and all at once the sparks go flying,
Those devil lips that know so well the art of lying,
And though I see the danger still theat flame grows higher I know I must surrender to your kiss of fire,
Just light the torch of a soul within me burning I must go on on this road of no returning,
And though it burns me it turns me to ashes,
My whole world crashes without your kiss of fire,
I can't resist you what good is there in trying,
What good is there denying your all that I desire,
Since I kissed you my heart was yours completely,
If it's a slave its a slave I want to be, Don't pity me.
Give me your lips, the lips you only let me borrow,
Love me tonight but let the devil take tomorrow,
Oh I know that I must have your kiss although it dooms me it consumes me your kiss of fire.

Who Wrote Kiss of Fire By David Hughes?

Lester Allen, Robert Hill

What's The Duration Of The Kiss of Fire By David Hughes?

The duration of Kiss of Fire is 3:13 minutes and seconds.

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