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Domino Lyrics by David Knopfler
Domino Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Domino By David Knopfler?

Who comes to see,
Ghost believer,
Spook Madonna to her bed of shame.
The eyes of a child
Watch her leaving,
In the morning rain,
Sweet Domino burning up again.
Up from her basement
High on the pavement
Secret fantasies from dream domain
Heartaches and reveries
Gets what she wants from me
And a churchbell ring
Domino is burning up again
Helpless as a falling leaf

Autumn 'neath the shooting stars
Moon above her Convent trees
Embracing all these scars
Where can you hide
A lonely Angel
A flicker of curtain
As the street lights dim
Possessed by Prophecies
Here comes The Dreamer
Weaving helpless through the night again
Praying for these crazy dreams
Praying for these crazy dreams
Praying these crazy dreams will end.

Who Wrote Domino By David Knopfler?

David Knopfler

What's The Duration Of The Domino By David Knopfler?

The duration of Domino is 7:02 minutes and seconds.

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