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Miss You

Miss You Lyrics by David LaMotte
Miss You Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Miss You By David LaMotte?

I've been searching for the right words
I've been straining for the sound
My head is full of voices
I've been trying to write them down
I've been walking â??round in circles
Looking for the perfect way
I make it all so complicated
But all I really want to say (is)

I miss you

All these faces looking at me
Like there's something I should do
I want to make it count for something
I want to offer them what's true (but)

I miss you

Four lanes of highway in Atlanta
Looks like sheet music from above
I'll play my note in this sonata
Then I'll be resting in your love (â??cause)

I miss you

Who Wrote Miss You By David LaMotte?

Cameron Forbes Lewis, Ohene Owusu

What's The Duration Of The Miss You By David LaMotte?

The duration of Miss You is 3:54 minutes and seconds.

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