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Nothing Lyrics by David M. Bailey
Nothing Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Nothing By David M. Bailey?

I got nothing to do but wait for youI got nothing to say, but that's okCause I'm hanging on to somedayI'm letting go of fearI'm giving up on nothing until your voice I hearI got nothing to sing but what your bringI got nowhere to run, but I ain't done Cause I'm hanging on to someday….And sometimes it's hardDancing with doubtSometimes I can't figure it outI'm in the dark, You're in the lightI need to know that' it's all rightWhen I can't see your face I need graceWhen I don't have a friend, You're there againThat's why I'm hanging on to someday…

Who Wrote Nothing By David M. Bailey?

Peter Freudenthaler, Volker Hinkel

What's The Duration Of The Nothing By David M. Bailey?

The duration of Nothing is 3:51 minutes and seconds.

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