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Just Be You

Just Be You Lyrics by David Pack
Just Be You Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Just Be You By David Pack?

Woman, you know I need your love, girl
It's you I'm thinking of, girl
My life is in your hands.

Your love is all I ever do need
And you can see right through me,
Still, you don't understand.

And you say you're never gonna be
Someone who is everything to me
So you fill yourself with words that just aren't true.
Just be you.

Woman, you know in time I'll be there
And the love that we share
Will help us find our way.
So it's hold on
Hold on to what we both know.

Don't you know I believe it girl
More than I can say.

Don't you know you'll never need to change
Darling my love remains the same
You're a part of me and everything I do.
Just be you.

And I'm gonna be there
Baby when you need someone
I'll always be by your side.

And darling realize
If you just let your feelings be that way
They'll be alright.


Please believe the words I say
Darling, my love remains the same
Girl I need it for you
You know I'm yours forever.
So just be you.

Who Wrote Just Be You By David Pack?

David Pack, David Robert Pack

What's The Duration Of The Just Be You By David Pack?

The duration of Just Be You is 4:15 minutes and seconds.

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