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Turn off Your TV

Turn off Your TV Lyrics by Decade
Turn off Your TV Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Turn off Your TV By Decade?

Of all the dreams in all the world
You had to come to mine
Steal the breath out of my chest,
and starve my fragile mind

Yes, I confess I love the mess that's in front of me
I'm insane, melt my brain, I'm in ecstasy

Yeah, oh it's all too easy
Yeah, turn off your TV

I know you're unpredictable
I don't know how you think
And I don't think I want to know
I'll only further sink

That's not the way I spend my days,
I'm a cannonball
Load me up, light the fuse
Shoot me through the wall

Such a shame
That I'll have to burn my eyes out
Or trow it away
I'm paralyzed by what's in front of me.

Who Wrote Turn off Your TV By Decade?

Alexander Gerald Harrington Sears, Connor James Fathers, Daniel Patrick Clarke, Harry David Norton, Joe Jesse Marriner, Connor Fathers

What's The Duration Of The Turn off Your TV By Decade?

The duration of Turn off Your TV is 3:22 minutes and seconds.

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