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Will It Last

Will It Last Lyrics by Dizzy Wright
Will It Last Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Will It Last By Dizzy Wright?

Poetry is an expression and I just need to get this out
You listening to a young father who don't got it all figured out
My feeling was killing my spirit it's time for me to get out this house
And go make something of myself maybe one day I'll make ya'll proud
But I mean for now I'm in these streets running around with my dick in my hand
Couldn't even stick to the plan cause I'm gettin distracted again
Now I got a baby on the way even though that wasn't in the plan
But I need some unconditional love to help me become a better man

Anyways I'm focused
Smokin like f*ck yo catchy hook and a slogan
It ain't no middle ground
To Vegas if I ain't a legend then I'm the closest
And I just wanna be real with yall
Maybe share my creative ideas with yall and build with yall
But yall just gon downplay the boy like you don't hear it
Can't be cautious creative thinkers must be fearless
That's some good advice but when you presented yo big idea how they gon feel it
I say we go make my million dollars look like 10 million

But I just wanna sleep in a cali king and have safe sex on it
Travel the world doin what I love so I can get a paycheck for it
Put my city on and I got respect for it when [?] then I'm less for it
When you need someone to believe in I'm the best for it
Better check for it, attack everyday like its my last
Thinking for so long write it in short for your simple minded Ass
Lighting the joint like f*ck all my problems waiting for time to pass
We got it now but will it last

Will it last
We got it now
We can't go back
Will it last
We got it now
Can't go back
Can't go back

Constantly reminding myself that we all look at things differently
Built this so yall can feel this as I spread this positive energy
Realistically what's important
Cuz half of the time half of these niggas don't even know what they're supporting
If you want the life then I'm warning ya
These fans could say that they love you and turn into babies without they're formula
Crying to get attention homie yo expectations hella low
What happened to being yourself yall see me and act like yall met a ghost
How you gon handle the lifestyle knowing damn well you ain't got no self control

One of my Brodie bros conversing with my trying to put me on game
Still I remain with the world on my shoulders but yall not feelin my pain
These rappers work a lifetime for a hit and still be livin the same
So I'm doing everything in my power to make this last
I made mistakes in the past but today I hope my branches grow
The more money I receive the more the more my people gon learn what I'm standing for
Focus on how my brand should grow they demanding more
Haters hate but they standards low
I'm just trying to balance out what I'm rappin about

Too much at a time the next you know they tappin out
I was spazzing out, homie said put down them blacks and smoke this half an ounce
And before you bounce make sure they f*ck with your meaning
You too understandable these rappers can't f*ck with your English
Started thinking maybe I should spaz less switched up my address
Coming in peace I'm here to inform educate and provide some access
Will it last until my last breath, maybe past death
If you hear my voice just know that I'm never gon half step, but ask yourself

Will it last
We got it now
We can't go back
Will it last
We got it now
Can't go back
Can't go back

Who Wrote Will It Last By Dizzy Wright?

Jerrick Lashon Davis, La'reonte Wright, Njomza Vitia

What's The Duration Of The Will It Last By Dizzy Wright?

The duration of Will It Last is 4:10 minutes and seconds.

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