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Word on the Streetz

Word on the Streetz Lyrics by Dizzy Wright
Word on the Streetz Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Word on the Streetz By Dizzy Wright?

Tryna figure this shit out
(Oh Major, don't go)

Word on the streets is some labels showing some interest
I'm ready to take off like I'm in the fuckin' Olympics
All about winning I'm Jordan back in '95 and 6
I wanna get wealthy, if you not gonna help me then mind your biz
Oh, what I prefer is for my city to say that "the time was his"
And yes I'm referring to me
Headed for a early degree
Out high school to the league
Not for money for me
Know I'm in a comfortable space
Are you willing to pick up the pace?
I told my OG, "With all the travel what's the hassle?"
He told me, "What you rap about is only half the battle"
Admit it, don't build your castle and let your family straggle
I'm livid, money got less value than my fuckin' shadow
You niggas better free your mind, better free your fuckin' minds
I'm always right on time and y'all ain't ever dropped a dime
It's fine, not gon' be salty or be sour
Ahead of fools like the time jumped up an hour

Yo I been lookin' at my family tree and shit
I'm branched down off some crazy ass shit
But you know I see positive potential in my life (Oh Major, don't go)
All I could do is smile and think about what I've already overcome
With my mama with my brothers and my sisters
It's hard for y'all to tell me anything at this point (Oh Major, don't go)

Word on the streets is that the streets need a new hero
From ground zero, me, Demik, Reezy and Euros
When it's time to cut the check we gotta keep that love and respect
Not lettin' no one f*ck me over or make me fuckin' stress
Nigga where your daily hustle?
Don't make it a situation
If you wanna speak on the shit you thinkin', you better articulate it
From Flint to Vegas, I'm out here still tryna keep it legit
Dealin' with a domino effect
The shit leadin' to similar events
So I keep a team with sense
In my defense we do not attract niggas that's gon' pretend
Y'all better get with it, eliminating all the hate and the critics
Committed, putting Vegas on the map, and who gon' say that he didn't
Coming with the vision and I'm ready
Everything I gotta earn
Now I'm feelin' like a expert
All I wanna do is learn
Steve Jobs with the net worth
Only comin' with the max shit
This is me, I had to go and get in tune
Twistin' them Fanta leaves gettin' high just to find the truth

Nothing can come between you and your destiny
You and your greatness
Only you can stop you
(Oh Major, don't go)
You don't gotta lean on nothin' to be great
Lean on your motherfucking mind
Lean on your conscience, lean on the fact that you can go find that knowledge yourself
Be your own inspiration my nigga (Oh Major, don't go)
(Oh Major, don't go)
I hope them is tears of joy
(Oh Major, don't go)

Who Wrote Word on the Streetz By Dizzy Wright?

La'reonte Wright

What's The Duration Of The Word on the Streetz By Dizzy Wright?

The duration of Word on the Streetz is 2:52 minutes and seconds.

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