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Worms II

Worms II Lyrics by Dizzy
Worms II Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Worms II By Dizzy?

Goodbye to the birds and the bees and the trees and your truck
And the way that you'd lift with your knees
And goodbye to your rockets the king of the sky
How we lit 'em off quick just to watch the things fly
And goodbye to the times that we sat on your porch
Smoking weed in the spring, the sun and her scorch
And goodbye to your eyes and the way that ours met
Now they're probably glued to the back of your head
And goodbye

Who Wrote Worms II By Dizzy?

Alexander Spencer, Charles Spencer, Katie Munshaw, Mackenzie Spencer

What's The Duration Of The Worms II By Dizzy?

The duration of Worms II is 1:49 minutes and seconds.

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