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And Security

And Security Lyrics by Dizzylilacs
And Security Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For And Security By Dizzylilacs?

Well I've waited for so long dear
Imagining some things I'd say to you
But everything I do isn't enough
Leaving me this way just makes me numb

Those stormy clouds above me
Rub together lightning comes for me
Told it to me once and then you left
Leaving me would only make me sad

Did you breathe enough to see
That I'm still right here
Would you know where I would be without you?
Nowhere, some place I don't know this
Much because I'm sad

Did it to me once, it's what you said
Leaving me could only make you sad
Did it to me once and then I left
Leaving me would only make me dead

Who Wrote And Security By Dizzylilacs?

Mark Van Fleet Hoagland, Paul P. Hoagland, Mike Homer

What's The Duration Of The And Security By Dizzylilacs?

The duration of And Security is 3:21 minutes and seconds.

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