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Cobra Lyrics by DJ Amnesty
Cobra Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Cobra By DJ Amnesty?

Yea, ok-ok, yea

[Chorus:Repeat x2]
Just when you thought it was ova
The Mobb came back to put the game in a +Cobra+

Now, you can catch me by the bar
Shorty lovin' my full, gettin' her nipples hard
Asked, "what's up with the Mobb?"
"And heard y'all broke up?"
Look off in the corner my nigga P, now focus
That nigga been my grimy for 15
And rumor, this nature couldn't stop us from gettin' CREAM
A nigga asked me one more time, in the Infa' beam
I'ma chop your homey down, make a nigga my minie-me
Stop all of the gossip, baby don't you got better things
F*ck a new friend, they just potential enemies
Overall, wounds on your hole, and let it bleed
Can't front the jealousy, just bring out the best of me
Bring out the heater, spit the Ether 'til cheddar bring
Broke work friends, yea they all on my melody
Me and P Generals, y'all just soldiers
Mobb here forever, trick remember I told ya

[Chorus:Repeat x4]

The best two man team in rap music
You don't gotta ask, this is what it sound like to be ruthless
Relentless at makin' hits
Mobb Deep boy, what y'all gon' do? (Shit)
With my bullets pine your head
The only one you know, squeezin' folks
And connect, to whoever I was squeezin' for
I get searched and let 'em feel my gun
They know P not shootin' unless you force him
And they know Hav' won't get you, unless you make that nigga
And we off in the club, doin' what we does
So while you runnin' your mouth about us
Me and Hav' in the hotel, tradin' sluts (Aiyo get'out)
You can rally the troops from our dunns
Call all your goons, from when you was locked up
Put us all in one room, and we can lock up
This is Infamous to the death son

[Chorus:Repeat x4]

Yea, yea, yea
No stop the blasphemy talkin'
Mobb they goin' everywhere, we been tourin'
If you thought other wise, then f*ck it, we spoilin'
Your plans, hit you then you lose the 21 grands
So you can run and tell your mens
They ain't gotta switch over to commercial brand

Yo dunn, they wish they can have talent like this
We do our own beats, and we write our own shit
Pay for our own movies to be filmed and put out
Got stamina for longevity, we in the house, forever
You gon' know our name
And it's gon' burn you up inside the more you think

[Chorus:Repeat x4]

Who Wrote Cobra By DJ Amnesty?

Dale R Jacobs

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