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Save You

Save You Lyrics by DJ Bobo
Save You Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Save You By DJ Bobo?

Vers 1:
When the darkness falls around
And the weather is blinding
And you're reaching out for me
But somehow you can't find me
When you feel me grab your hand
Pull my arms around you
I will be the one you know
That you can trust and hold on too

Gone are the days of thinking
No one's standing by you
I'm right here, through doubt and fear
As certain as I can be

I can see us far from now
Let future scream and shout
If the world turns upside down I'll save you
Even if the angels cry
I will give you wings to fly
I'l be there to save you

Vers 2:
From a simple day gone bad
To an endless struggle
If you find you' re sinking
In an ocean full of trouble
I can take you to the shore
Let me be your rescue
I can swim the seven seas
Be anywhere to save you

Who Wrote Save You By DJ Bobo?

Alexander Strasser-hain, Alexs White, Dillon Dixon, Rene Baumann

What's The Duration Of The Save You By DJ Bobo?

The duration of Save You is 3:08 minutes and seconds.

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