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25 Lightas

25 Lightas Lyrics by DJ DMD
25 Lightas Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For 25 Lightas By DJ DMD?

Daddy, daddy wasn't home, so momma raised me
And I'm still mommas baby
Daddy, daddy wasn't home, so momma raised me
And I'm still mommas baby
Daddy, daddy wasn't home, so momma raised me
And I'm still mommas baby
Daddy, daddy wasn't home, so momma raised me
And I'm still mommas baby

March 11, 1981
My momma gave birth to a hell raising heavenly son
And my daddy was a fool addicted to brown
So he wasn't ever around, but my momma held me down

When me and big sister had nothing to eat
My momma gave up her last trying to make ends meet
She was a school teacher, working to provide for her fam'
Struggling in AA, to submit to gods plan

Them long twelve's steps of hardway are all on your own
No family, few friends, my momma was all alone
She did it for her children, struggling to make a living
And some how we still had food on thanksgiving

When I can barely talk momma taught me to pray
And right then I knew that we'd have a better life some day
She still give up her last just to see me smile
That's the definition of love for you child, I love my momma


My momma was my role model, I had no father figure
Just a bunch of pipe dreams of being richer
But as times got tougher my life just got rougher
It hurts so bad to see me watch my momma suffer

Its so hard to cope when you so dead broke
So momma used to make me memorize the song quotes
In the middle of a session momma gave god praise
I knew what it meant to struggle at such an early age

Remember them days she barely earned minimum wage
But made sure I had new cloths to start the seventh grade
She met my step father, and walked down the aisle
I praised he sent somebody that would make my momma smile

He raised me as his own, he taught me to be a man
Adopted me and Anne, and gave momma a hand
I just love to see that beautiful smile on momma face
My momma could never be replaced, I love my momma


20 years of struggling, done came to a close
No more old, torn up, and hand me down cloths
She deserve the best, and never nothing less
No stress, give my momma that Gucci dress

The times were hard but we done made it out the rain
The storm was severe but we overcame the hurricane
Them rainy days seem to last so long
When them times got hard my momma told me be strong

My number 1 supporter ever since day one
And still till this day momma would die for her son
No more slumz, all them rainy days are done
No a days we taking trips to Disney world just for fun

I put you in a Benz take you out that nova
Its been a long rough road, but that bumpy rides over
You raise me from a baby, my number 1 lady
And until the day I'm in my grave, ima stay mommas baby


Who Wrote 25 Lightas By DJ DMD?

Daryl Anderson, Calvin Broadus, T. Farris, Donald Johnson, Percy Miller, Kenneth Roy, Paul Slayton, James Tapp

What's The Duration Of The 25 Lightas By DJ DMD?

The duration of 25 Lightas is 0:57 minutes and seconds.

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