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Untitled [Bonus Track]

Untitled [Bonus Track] Lyrics by DJ Grip
Untitled [Bonus Track] Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Untitled [Bonus Track] By DJ Grip?

Nigga, 2000, Y2K
Me and Ron see all in yo muthafuckin' shit nigga
fo sho, ha, man it's goin' down
y'all boyz need to fo sho get that cotton candy
cotton mouth, all in yo' face nigga
Uh huh, Lil Flipper, The Leprechaun aka Da Freestyle King
Sucka Free, fuckin' with that Ron see
Dat Dodo, y'all blowin' bullshit
Indo nigga this what we blow...

(Lil' Flip)
We blow Indo, I might be on Jay Leno
They be like Flip, can you listen to my demo
I say naw nigga I got shows to do
After the concert, I got hoes to screw
If I'm on stage, I don't want to be close to you
I got money nigga, I ain't gon' boast to you
What I'm supposed to do, is keep rappin'
Some niggas got gold in they mouth, I got platinum
I ain't cappin', what happened
I done blew up too quick
I'm the Lil' Flip, Da Freestyle King of the Screwed Up Click
I represent, I get head
Ride blue, ride black, I ride red
F*ck a Fed, I shake heads, when I'm in the club
Ball outta control, I got Indo dub sacks
How you love that, I ain't the Hot Boys
But you might see me in a drop top boy
I roll rolex, I got baggets, princess cuts
If I'm in the club, you'll see me, pimpin' sluts
That's what i do, nigga all the time
Get rotation on 97.9, that's The Box
Nigga got a TV sitcom on Fox
Used to be on blocks, slangin' rocks
Now I'm changin' dots, in my drop top prowler
Go to court, throw away the case, I got a prowler
Call her, nigga, Caller ID, a baller I be
She want to f*ck, I'ma call her and see
Take that hoe to Motel 6 or go to Tweety's
Pour a duece in the can, sold a four in Tahiti
Now I'm leanin', nigga, I'm in the green Beamer
Supa dupa fly like I'm Missy Misdemeanor
I'm Lil' Flip, nigga, I know you know me
Baggets and 30 pointers all on my rolly's
You might see me in a Expedition
With a sign on the back, that say let's go fishin'
I'ma balla, nigga I told you that
If I ain't ridin' green then I'm rollin' 'Llacs
I'm from the Clover, I'ma solja, I write rhymes in my folder
Hell yea, I got mo' crystals than Folgers
That's coffee, hoes want to toss me, get off me
Cause I be ballin' outta control, hoes they stalk me
From Milwaukee, my Nextel, inhale, exhale
Half of my niggas locked up in jail
But I'm still on the block, puttin' it down
Nigga when I smile, bling, platinum puddin, you gotta frown
You be mad, cause you see me in a drop top Jag
50 G's for a car, that's not that bad
I can do that, if it's too fast, I can screw dat
Get the brand new drop, royal blue dat
Now I'm cruisin', niggas I be bruisin'
Gettin' all mad cause in the club, I be choosin'
I like yellabones, talk on PrimeCo telephones
Got hoes from Hine-Clark to Yellowstone
I'm in Homestead, killin' with the real niggas
We wearin' Platinum Fubu, y'all still wear Phil Hilfiger
I almost fucked up, but nigga I'm the king
I can freestyle all night til the doorbell ring
And all I do, is ride on chrome
And all I got, is DVD's inside my home
I got a Jacuzzi, I might watch Scary Movie
Hell yea, I get head from yo mama every Tuesday
This Lil' Flip, I bet cha know dat, show dat
Hell yea, you owe me some money, nigga you owe dat
So pay me, the radio gon' play me
Look at my yard, I got mo' toys than Kay-Bee
Who I am, The Leprechaun, Freestyle King
Change the color of my teeth and my byzletine
Now I'm platinum, nigga got a nigga name Crime
Open up my mouth, my piece shine, but Johnny got my blinded
y'all can just parallel park, when I open up my mouth, its farewell to the dark
I sip drank, flip pints, sip 8's, got hoes at Worthing, Sterling and Yates
And when I pick 'em up, nigga, I'ma take 'em to the room
Nigga, I'ma be the witch and you can ride my broom
Then you gone, I freestyle, I'm off the dome
I got all, satellites from the top of my home
I get gone in my zone, nigga, I'm in a Bentley
Niggas mad, they got Guess glasses, I wearin' Finley's
And S classes, jumpin' out, nigga Da King
F*ck y'all nigga, I'm jumpin' out limosuines

Nigga, Lil' Flip, Sucka Free, Swishahouse nigga,
we over here too nigga, we puttin' it down nigga,
the North and the South, nigga, how you do it, that was freestyle

Who Wrote Untitled [Bonus Track] By DJ Grip?

Albert Brown Iii, Kyle West

What's The Duration Of The Untitled [Bonus Track] By DJ Grip?

The duration of Untitled [Bonus Track] is 5:02 minutes and seconds.

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