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Too Much for Me

Too Much for Me Lyrics by DJ Kayslay
Too Much for Me Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Too Much for Me By DJ Kayslay?

Said it ain't to much for me
To have you next to me
I can't believe it
All the things I do
To keep you loving me
And its just to much for me
To not have you by my side
Cause no matter what your going through
You know that I'm gon' ride yea

You a brave girl
I'm a brave heart
And car heart
And champion hunnies
You in the Benz buggy with the fullies
I ride beside ya
We about to pull a all nighter
I'm super freak like Rick James
Sex in rangers
Parked on dangerous blocks
You like it when the strangers watch
I'm looking out for cops
You a girl with no fear people put ya hands in the air
For the GQ man of the year
That Bentley that polstry leather, the leather
That be up in the coats I wear
Wherever I go so there ya have it
Cashmere fabrics never caught in last years garments
Holsters under armpits chauffeurs and the charms lit
And the coders holding on the dons wrist
She got the ill will chain on
Turquoise boots sayin' god son
This the theme song


You know the size of this shit
I flips it quickly loose this trouble for these people get with me
Holla at my hoes 'cause I dip my bitches
From gold to platinum from rag to riches
I'm the boss of the boss
The pimp shot caller
Worldwide riding in the Benz with a scroller
In your city tear ya mall up
Pimp fly bitches and tear their walls up
Dress nice I'm super neat
Ice on white wit three's on her feat
Worldwide robber from coast to coast
From Europe, Japan I gets that dough
Send out two I get back four
Ya broad around me imma lace that hoe
Smoke dro redo my whips
Redo my chips this the bird man bitch


BK I throw it up
Free stay manoloed up
Cris air canary
All these niggas hear me
Lou Vittoun Lou Bratton
Bring fever cock sucker when Foxy throw it on
I speak how I feel I'm a fox five general
Why'all rap bitches is all so subliminal
That's why I ones them every time I pass em
Frontin wit young G the fox five captain
So which hoe want to f*ck wit huns
So come ???????? one by one
So make um bust off the big magnum
Spray off in the lobby
Call us the shower posse
The don ??? come through stylin' hard
Wit two booms from the Sherlock squad-ray
It be a bachelor that fox them sparrin'
And leave why'all niggas on the sideline starvin'


[Repeat x2]
I, I, I want to get to know you
I,I,I want you with me
I, I, I just want to show you
How good it would be close to me

Who Wrote Too Much for Me By DJ Kayslay?

Bernard Edwards, Nile Rodgers, Nasir Jones, Bryan Williams, Inga Marchand, Amerie Rogers

What's The Duration Of The Too Much for Me By DJ Kayslay?

The duration of Too Much for Me is 4:05 minutes and seconds.

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