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Life's A Beach

Life's A Beach Lyrics by Django Django
Life's A Beach Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Life's A Beach By Django Django?

That how you wanna play it?
Break my heart and grow cold
Why'd you wanna go do that for we've not even hit the waves?

That how you wanna sing it?
Up and at 'em, let it flow
I think I've heard that song before it ends in tales of woe

That how you wanna see it?
The future's telling tall
Tunnel vision, never listen, no we're never growing old

You're a good time killer
Might even end up on your own
Going loco, Acapulco, playing paper, scissors, stone

You told the fortune teller
The crystal ball is gonna show
Uri Geller's gonna tell or bend the truth so I don't know

Sea has given something stirring
On the currents down below
Life's a beach out of reach, pack it up so we can go

Crystal leaks start all over
Switch it up and overhaul
Step in line, get in time, speed it up until we fall

Paint a picture of a sunset
Scratch the writing on the wall
Roll the credits on your edit play it back and watch it all

Who Wrote Life's A Beach By Django Django?

David Maclean, Thomas Grace, Vincent Neff

What's The Duration Of The Life's A Beach By Django Django?

The duration of Life's A Beach is 3:05 minutes and seconds.

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