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It's Lunacy

It's Lunacy Lyrics by Ed Kuepper
It's Lunacy Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For It's Lunacy By Ed Kuepper?

Now all through seasons that have passed
We played this game called "it's a farce"
We had our parts down to a tee
We made theatrical history
But I won't bow to play the game
I won't try hard to save the day
It's lunacy
It's lunacy

We spoke of love felt in our hearts
We spoke of things that never passed

It reminds me every now and then
I thought I was your only friend
Now I don't care if I spend my dough
I'll go to the baker's shop and get some more
It's lunacy
It's lunacy

But I never thought I'd see the day
That I could finish a song that way
It's lunacy
It's lunacy

Who Wrote It's Lunacy By Ed Kuepper?

Ed Kuepper

What's The Duration Of The It's Lunacy By Ed Kuepper?

The duration of It's Lunacy is 3:16 minutes and seconds.

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