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Bug-A-Boo Lyrics by Ed O.G & da Bulldogs
Bug-A-Boo Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Bug-A-Boo By Ed O.G & da Bulldogs?

"First I have to boom boom the bass like this.."
"And then I.."

[Ed O.G.]
Now this is the meanin of a Bug-A-Boo
It's a person who's constantly BUGGIN YOU
Never givin you no room TO BREATHE
On you like skin, or a shirt WITH SLEEVES
A person that constantly wants to be around you
It could even be your moms or pops when they hound you
Just someone who's always botherin you
If you was a plant, they'd be continuously waterin you
Sweatin you like - heat
Let's say you are the (?), and they are the sheets
Always on you, and wrapped around you
As if you were lost, and they just found you
They never get the picture
No matter how many times you diss 'em, they still want to get witcha
continuously callin never givin you a rest
A Bug-A-Boo's just like a fly..
Nothing but a pest, and I suggest
That you step, why?

Cause you're a Bug-A-Boo, you're buggin me (I'm buggin who?)
You're just a Bug-A-Boo, you're buggin me (I'm buggin who?)
You're just a Bug-A-Boo, you're buggin me (I'm buggin who?)
You're just a Bug-A-Boo..

[Ed O.G.]
Now girls, there's that certain guy that just be tippin
On you like clothes and I suppose that you be dippin
in his kicks, cause he's a stupid dick
Sappy givin you this and that, so you can feel happy
Yeah you might be happy but you're sick of him
Because he's on it, and you want to get rid of him
But he's sweatin you, don't knock it cause he's gettin you
everything you want, so you can get fly
You say, "Bug-A-Boo jump," and he says, "How high?"
Hey, just get paid, cause he's payin you
And don't call him by his name, call him a Bug-A-Boo


[Ed O.G.]
Now everybody knows a Bug-A-Boo or was a Bug-A-Boo
You mighta had to bug a few or even fell in love and knew
that you was buggin a person, never cuttin no slack
Cause everytime you called them they was like "I'll call you back"
Now a girl can whip a guy, and he can become one
He'll be callin you'll be stallin cause he's stupid a dumb one
But it goes both ways, and as a matter of fact
A girl can catch her man cheatin, and still take him back
So to all you Bug-A-Boos who got the blues and really want it
without you Bug-A-Boos we couldn't say that you were on it


Who Wrote Bug-A-Boo By Ed O.G & da Bulldogs?

Edward Pka Ed O.g. Anderson, Gene Mcfadden, John Whitehead, Leon Huff, Victor Carstarphen

What's The Duration Of The Bug-A-Boo By Ed O.G & da Bulldogs?

The duration of Bug-A-Boo is 3:13 minutes and seconds.

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