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Love Comes and Goes

Love Comes and Goes Lyrics by Ed O.G & da Bulldogs
Love Comes and Goes Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Love Comes and Goes By Ed O.G & da Bulldogs?

"Love, comes and goes" (2X)

I saw ya, the day before your death before you took your last breath
How many of my real niggaz are still left?
A lot got killed, and filled a wooden box
and went out like ?docks?
I can picture when you went down, just like a ?becks?
Here one day, and gone the next
We all make mistakes, and these are the breaks
but I'm, sick and tired, of goin to wakes
and seein an end, to my friend
So we kicked it to the L to get some brew and gin
Nobody said nothin everyone was pissed
as we got drunk and reminisced
At your funeral, your head we kissed
Didn't go to the burial, but you'll be missed
That's if you didn't know, from your true friends and not your foes
Cause love comes and goes

"Love, comes and goes" (4X)

Now my man, he never had no problems
but he got killed, when niggaz tried to rob him
Because they knew when they did it, they couldn't get away with it
So they killed him, took the dough and split it
Thinkin about the money, and not his four kids
A couple got caught, and now they're doin bids
Loot is worth more than a life, cause niggaz livin trife
My man had four kids, and a wife
Now the kids don't have a father and the wife don't have a husband
because when, you did what you did
the future of his kids may fall down...
... cause he ain't around
I went to his funeral, thinkin maybe soon it will be me
cause Boston got a lot of jealousy
A lot of people just can't take it when another brother makes it
When he makes it, that's when they want to take it
But there's one thing I know...
... love comes and goes

"Love, comes and goes" (4X)

The most I remember of you, is in the pictures
You were my pops and I won't forget ya
I wish you coulda been there, to see me grow up
Come up like throw up, and blow up, as an entertainer
I think you woulda been proud
to see me at a show, and move the crowd
Your best friend, shot you over five dollars, that ain't right
The money mattered, and not the life
I wonder what you woulda told me, to get a girl and lay her
cause my moms told me you were a player
They tell me I'm your spittin image, from the line of scrimmage
but you was wild unlike my mother I'm timid
God works in different ways and it shows
And everybody knows love comes and goes

"Love, comes and goes" (repeat to fade)

Who Wrote Love Comes and Goes By Ed O.G & da Bulldogs?

Jimmy Moss, Otis Redding, Earl Simms, Alan Walden

What's The Duration Of The Love Comes and Goes By Ed O.G & da Bulldogs?

The duration of Love Comes and Goes is 4:24 minutes and seconds.

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