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Extreme Lyrics by Ed O.G
Extreme Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Extreme By Ed O.G?

Uh, yeah, uh-huh, yeah
ED O.G. uh uh, D Quest uh uh
Boston's Finest, y'all check this out

You challenge me I'll challenge you, off balance fool
I'm a show you rap niggas what real talent do
Never shook up, doing with skills not book up
Four-course-meal is what I cook up
Put your notebook up
Niggas swear they're down cuz' they look up
Rip them rhymes up, hook them hooks up
You need a mic check I'm a push them rooks' up
Your crooks suck, I make a deal off of blood money
Make an album off the drug money
Take the label money and launder it under the table money
And open businesses
It don't matter who's the first or who's the first one that finishes
I'm out of nowhere just like Kurt Warner
Did it to the head without a nigga in my corner
The solo performer, who tell the "Truth" like Sojourner
"EDO" keep it hot like a bullet from a burner

Whatever you got we got two of it
(You bring yours I'll bring mine)
Straight up sucka' without a crew with him
(You'll get yours in due time)
If you got skills learn what to do with them
(You bring yours I'll bring mine)
What goes around comes back in town
(You'll get yours in due time)

Do I really have desire to flow
Or desire for dough
By any means play the spotlight or behind the scenes
F*ck rap sell ? and get chased by crack fiends
But remain positive and appeal to black queens
Left and right not too many scenes for inbetweens
We kept it divided I remain undecided
And put it on auto-pilot, lay back and cruise
Till I get enough blues and bad news to blow my fuse
Walk a week in my shoes
Concentrate like the camp on the Jews
We drop jewels, while others blow budgets on bars and booze
We already lost nigga so it's hard for my to lose
And choose without being confused
A lot of funny shit happens but I'm hard to amuse
I was knocking hard in the beginning
Learning to lose is the key to winning
A lot of you all take drastic measures with plastic treasures
How we going to put it down without the cash together
Make it last forever and realize you all been blessed
To hear ED O.G. and Deric Quest on the quest


Yo, I've been in altered states all throughout the states
Blew out the gates, you want wine we got to squash them grapes
Over seas it ain't about the states
I make a hot album, you get a verse on other nigga's tapes
Your first mistake's your worst mistake
Trying to eat and survive off of other nigga's plates
If I'm involved then there must be dialogue
I spits fire dog, to the wire on a level that's higher
Money will turn a saint into a liar
If you ain't got game, you'z a baller in the wind
Niggas rather have a dime up front than a dollar in the end
Silence when you lose but you holla when you win
Big star, close but no cigar
You get smashed on stage like a heavy metal guitar
Whoever you are, or what you sold niggas
You old niggas I don't care what you told niggas
Or who you gased up, you ain't no damn winner
ED O.G.'s the lead singer and you just a band member
Yo, you just a band member, yeah


Who Wrote Extreme By Ed O.G?

Graham Edwards, Lauren Christy, Scott Spock, Sydnee Duran

What's The Duration Of The Extreme By Ed O.G?

The duration of Extreme is 4:28 minutes and seconds.

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