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Home Lyrics by Ed O.G
Home Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Home By Ed O.G?

[G-Squared scratches]
"Representin' mass"
"The worst" "Fuckin' Boston"

[Verse 1: XL]
We're from the be to the O-S-T-O-N
Where cats double push friends for dollars and gems
Platinum artistes they don't want to come here (nah)
Not cause of lack of money or bitches, but out of fear
Rappers up here be gettin' overlooked for years
Started hatin' on eachother sabotagin' careers
Ten o' the best MC's we got to offer
To shut down you cock blockin' shit talkers

[Verse 2: Ed O.G.]
Mad niggaz think they flossin' in rap
But no one knew Boston could rap
Till Edo put this shit on the map
Now the change is drastic, Hip-Hop got Jurassic
And none of you Boston bastards made a classic
Got the right voice, make the right noise
Can't stand none of you niggaz and none of you white boys
My men's is down to take the city, hands down
From the ropes to Pakis all the way to Landsdown

[Verse 3: Big Juan]
How you gon' lie about the place that you're from?
The house you grow up in, the block that you hung
Politics ain't my fortay
You gettin' fucked without the foreplay
Heaven trouble comin' through the doorway
G ain't playin' you dubs in the clubs
And heads ain't showin' you no love in the Hub
Spend time on the road, hotel's all alone
Not for Hillstreet times ain't no place like home

[Chorus: x 4 Guru]
I'ma get home, I'ma get there
Make it back even if I'm caught outthere

[Verse 4: JaySon]
When I think of the Bean I think of the artist who
Got fucked over by Maurice Starr and Larry Wu
I think I-L-be , fifteen years of are & be transmitted outside Dudley
Plus the Bumrush specially celebrities
Aks Kane, Moe Dee, Mo Vaughn and Eric B.
Murdapan, Deathchester and Glocksbury
The weed's extra sticky, coke's extra heavy

[Verse 5:Big Shug]
It's the chin checkin', Chuck chokin' predator
Boston rap (Big Shug) Murdapan settler (huh)
I'm bettin' the stakes be high, when you die
Diss the crew, and lose the sight in you eyes
We multiply to bring the real on the track
Cross the line and there ain't no goin' back (fuckin' fag)
In fact, these niggas will rip ya ass apart
Bury that head in Franklin and your body in Hyde Park


[G-Squared scratches]
"Representin' mass"
"Fuckin' Boston"

[Verse 6: G-Squared]
We make history daily
Represent Boston like Arabs and Israelis
Police tail me, backstabbers try to nail me
DJ's play me at the clubs past eleven
On 88.9, 94.5 and Hot97
Beantown's a cold city Dorchester gritty
Murdered over a fifty, hometown ain't it shifted
I travel the map but I always come back
To burn it down behind 24 tracks

[Verse 7: Krumb Snatcha]
Shoot outs fit niggas get twist in the Bean
Below the exploded magazine leave my head on the scene
Long time to Glocksbury twist your nine on the spot
Either you out to get this paper, or you work for the cops
My don stylo finally ya niggaz know how it go
Most hated at the back with the gats at the show
Quick to die with the stripes on squeezing like a python
Half the industry ya already dead before the mic's on

[Verse 8: Akrobatik]
My rapstyle's changed like Rodman's head
It's Akrobatik representin' Common Square (Hell yeah)
Where you can hop on the Red Line
And catch me at the Middle East
Wippin' hoes close to headline
The winter's east Stone Cold like Steve Austin
But I promise my heart will never leave Boston
And that's the bottom line cause Akro say so
Intimidatin' with my pitch changed up like Pedro


"Boston" Niggas be sleepin' on Boston for years
"Boston" I don't know what you thought
"Representin' mass" this ain't no fuckin' collegetown
Some real shit outhere on these streets
"Fuckin' Boston"
"Boston" Big up to my niggas
"Boston" XL
"Boston" Ed O.G.
"Boston" Big Juan
"Representin' mass" Jayson Big Shug
"Boston" G-Squared, Krumb Snatcha
"Fuckin' Boston" Akrobatik
"Boston" "Boston" Yeah, straight like that
"Boston" now big Guru
Niggas know, niggas better know
"Boston" Beantown forever bitch word is bond

Who Wrote Home By Ed O.G?

Julie Gold

What's The Duration Of The Home By Ed O.G?

The duration of Home is 4:16 minutes and seconds.

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