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Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball Lyrics by EDL
Wrecking Ball Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Wrecking Ball By EDL?

As many times before, I am in a holding pattern.
Reducers sit back and wait for their chance to flatten my ego, life, and testimony.
They're rolling phony. Telling me I have lack of faith; they're full of bologna.
They don't show me that they could do any better than I could do.

Remember me from Flipside? Because I remember you. But all's fair in love and war.
What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. It's yourself you're bluffing.
Every time I push back to stand up tall, you do me wrong, which makes you the wrecking ball.
And every time reduce me to nothing at all, I realize that you are the wrecking ball.

Too many times before my friends have been the wrecking ball.
They say that they support me when they tried to make me fall.
Reducing me to tears of anger while they hide in coffee shops.
But guidelines of the world cannot stop what God must stop.

To put an end to the madness, stop the hypocrisy.
A praying wall of fiberglass that cheapens God's beauty.
Good thing they have me to put their focus upon, 'cause if they look in the mirror,
The wrecking ball is wrong. Wrecking Balls of the world, unite and take over!

Who Wrote Wrecking Ball By EDL?

Alessandro S Nardone, Gerald Alan Ii Terwilliger, Jason H Terwilliger, Pasquale James Gasperini

What's The Duration Of The Wrecking Ball By EDL?

The duration of Wrecking Ball is 2:14 minutes and seconds.

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