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Frenesi Lyrics by Edmundo Ros
Frenesi Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Frenesi By Edmundo Ros?

Some time ago
I wandered down into old Mexico
While I was there
I felt romance everywhere

Moon was shining bright
And I could hear laughing voices in the night
Everyone was gay
This was the start of their holiday

It was fiesta down in Mexico
And so I stopped a while to see the show
I knew that frenesi­ meant "Please love me"
And I could say frenesi­

A lovely senorita caught my eye
I stood enchanted as she wandered by
And never knowing that it come from me
I gently sighed frenesi­

She stopped and raised her eyes to mine
Her lips just pleaded to be kissed
Her eyes were soft as candle-shine
So how was I to resist?

And now without a heart to call my own
A greater happiness I've never known
Because her kisses are for me alone
Who wouldn't say frenesi?

Who Wrote Frenesi By Edmundo Ros?

Alberto Borras Dominguez, Leonard Whitcup

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