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Just Because

Just Because Lyrics by Edo G
Just Because Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Just Because By Edo G?

[Chorus: ]
You used to be my man, we used to be in love
Since we parted ways things is gettin' rough
Just because I got a kid by you
Don't give you no reasons to act like a fool

Yo, you used to be my girl, but that was in the past
It's a shame that that shit didn't last
And just because we got a kid together
Don't give you no reasons to change like the weather

Sometimes I reminisce on how it was before we dropped a seed
I was your everything and you was all I need
Stopped payin' attention cause I gained a little weight
Pokin' all these hookers, layin' up from state to state
My stress level's risin' to the highest, you begged me
To have your baby, now you're tryin' to play me
And so I choose to move away from this drama
No longer in love, now you just my baby's father

What's up, you needs to shush up and hush up
Everything you hear you believe
You're loud plus you Rifkin more than Steve
When I come through you make me leave
If I roll up on you like a sleeve
Don't get it twisted like braids or weaves
No welly, I'm off to the bank telly
Plus actin' foul when my seed was in yo belly
You ain't the eight one on the section
The problem is we ain't together but we still keep sexin'

You tryin' to keep the upper hand just because we got a kid
Don't give you the right to try to monitor the way I live
Where I go and who I date ain't no business of yours
No need for you to player-hate, you still get the drawers

The love used to be there, I don't know where the shit went
We was young and wasn't ready for commitment
Young ways at a young age
Two teenagers with a young seed to raise

[Chorus: ]

See you been on fire since the baby, flamin' up
Started changin' up with the rah-rah callin' my peeps and hangin' up
Speakin' in a different tone now
On that young shit, even though we grown now
You on your own, but ain't raisin her alone
We can't even hold a decent conversation on the phone
Yeah, we lay down like SMPTE
You want me to hit you so you tempt me
Turnin' red like Simply

Don't take it out on my seed cause you resent me
It's unfulfilling, so in other words we empty
You talk about things you prepared to do
I was there when your fam wasn't there for you
And yo, I'm pointin' fingers, like triggers
Your sisters is a bunch of goldiggers
With they kids around a million different niggas
Fake tears you cried and wept
Baby, walk the same path and follow in they footsteps

You try to say them hurtful things and threaten me with fear
But I cried my last cry and shed my last tear
I did my best to keep you out of court for child support
But you don't do your job, it's like I'm married to the mob
Your friends be on some spy shit, I'm on some do-or-die shit
Survive it, I got to, I can't depend on you
Watchin' her on weekends, thinkin' you the shit
Callin' it a favor when you babysit
You'se a part-time daddy with some part-time love
And I ain't stoopin' to your level, I gots to rise above
Appreciate I demonstrate, my ways could be much meaner
You be a clown and f*ck around, I'm servin' you subpeonas

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

Who Wrote Just Because By Edo G?

Glenn Matthew Abbott, Matt Ford, Warrick John Leggo

What's The Duration Of The Just Because By Edo G?

The duration of Just Because is 4:44 minutes and seconds.

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