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Can't Stop

Can't Stop Lyrics by Elbow
Can't Stop Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Can't Stop By Elbow?

Can't stop thinking
I won't stop drinking
I need that comfort
I don't need discipline
Twilight's tailing

I had self-belief
They don't compromise
This has battered me
That's my history
Hold this shaking frame

Pull this back together

What's your story?
I want to listen
I can't fake pity
I may not sympathize
Twilight's tailing

Try my lies for size
You might swallow them
While I fantasize
Try my lies for size
Hold this shaking frame

Pull this back together

Who Wrote Can't Stop By Elbow?

Peter James Turner, Richard Barry Jupp, Craig Lee Potter, Mark Potter, Guy Edward John Garvey

What's The Duration Of The Can't Stop By Elbow?

The duration of Can't Stop is 4:36 minutes and seconds.

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