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Lost Worker Bee

Lost Worker Bee Lyrics by Elbow
Lost Worker Bee Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Lost Worker Bee By Elbow?

I'm easy to read
Hands of a coal miner
Trunk of a tree
Treat myself worse than my worst enemy
Looking for someone to tangle with me
Searching the earth like a lost worker bee

Out in the world
I know that somewhere
A hard drinking girl
With kindness in reservoirs
Looks to the sea
Or scours the underground looking for me
Come be the queen to my lost worker bee

All these promises of gold but where is my soul
Overseas in England I know

I'm bust at the seams
Plastered in Paris
Or hanging my dreams
From the wind farms of Lancashire
Throw me a line
I'll give you my everyday
Read me the scene
The scene with the queen
And the lost worker bee

Who Wrote Lost Worker Bee By Elbow?

Guy Edward John Garvey, Richard Barry Jupp, Craig Lee Potter, Mark Potter, Peter James Turner

What's The Duration Of The Lost Worker Bee By Elbow?

The duration of Lost Worker Bee is 4:54 minutes and seconds.

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