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Mulholland Dr.

Mulholland Dr. Lyrics by Failure
Mulholland Dr. Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Mulholland Dr. By Failure?

This world's a crying shame
the resonance of what you felt when she came
was way too much to bear
You find yourself laughing on the shady side of everything
Self forth shot from blind to blind
And no one feels a thing now
My baby's dreaming the head of every creep that ever lived
It stops all time

Mulholland Drive

Alien air is a similar drink
And we'll carry seasides in our latest mutant
It's always on my mind
Like a shadow slipped from your brain
The sun spit out its final ray
No flapping wings beneath your mind
And you can't feel your fingers

Mulholland Drive

He said you came to
Like a cycle back
Everyone is on your side
No one understands

Mulholland Drive

Who Wrote Mulholland Dr. By Failure?

Greg Thomas Edwards, Ken Andrews

What's The Duration Of The Mulholland Dr. By Failure?

The duration of Mulholland Dr. is 4:32 minutes and seconds.

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