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Big/Faye (Interlude)

Big/Faye (Interlude) Lyrics by Faith Evans
Big/Faye (Interlude) Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Big/Faye (Interlude) By Faith Evans?

What were you doing before you hooked up with Puffy?

Pharmaceuticals, you know how it is

Typical. So... are you a bad guy tryna be good or a good guy tryna be bad?

I'm just someone tryna make it. How you start singing?

Emmanuel Baptist Church Choir

Huh, typical

I don't know what I'll be doing, but I ain't think I'll be doing this

When I was a little girl, everybody told me singing was my destiny,
but I was thinking I would make a career out of doing the beat box

Nah, I know you ain't saying you know how to beat box

Don't be trying to play me out

Give me some old school flavor

You gonna rhyme on it?

I'm gonna tear it down!

Aight! haha

Some call me Biggie or B.I.G
I'm just chilling in the place to be
Now I ain't tryna preach or teach some knowledge
I'm just tryna call you [?] Faith Evans Wallace


I like your laugh, it's sexy. So why don't you let me do that?

Do what?

Make you laugh. Can I be that man?
Can I be that man?

Who Wrote Big/Faye (Interlude) By Faith Evans?

Faith Evans

What's The Duration Of The Big/Faye (Interlude) By Faith Evans?

The duration of Big/Faye (Interlude) is 1:28 minutes and seconds.

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