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Abandon Lyrics by Fallujah
Abandon Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Abandon By Fallujah?

You speak in your sleep
Tell me everything you feel

I promised you
But I must abandon you alone
I don't know where I will go
Can love carry us home?

The beauty in loss
Tragic thoughts in disguise
I'm worlds away from you, saving you
Reclaiming you

Failure as father
But I go where you can't follow
Eden is not a myth
Life of despair is something we can't accept

The stars will guide my path
To the soil's next breath
For now you must accept
I wander alone at no one else's expense

I must abandon you to the squalor
Starvation and sorrow

You speak in your sleep
As I set free every tear in me
Time has come and gone
But I'll always recall everything you were

Who Wrote Abandon By Fallujah?

Alex Hofmann, Rob Morey, Andrew Baird, Scott Carstairs, Brian James

What's The Duration Of The Abandon By Fallujah?

The duration of Abandon is 4:31 minutes and seconds.

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