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Almost Lyrics by Faron Young
Almost Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Almost By Faron Young?

Almost you fell in love with me almost you were my bride to be
But each promise that was made you have broken and betrayed
And left me with a faded memory
Almost my precious dream came true almost you whispered dear I do
But someone new came by and you left me here to cry
Oh how close we were almost

[ guitar ]

Almost I heard the church bells ring almost I heard the choir sing
But I hear now instead all those unkind words you said I remember every little thing
Almost your heart I did possess almost you brought me happiness
But dreams just won't come true and there's nothing I can do
Oh how close we were almost

Who Wrote Almost By Faron Young?

Jaret Reddick, Butch Walker

What's The Duration Of The Almost By Faron Young?

The duration of Almost is 2:24 minutes and seconds.

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