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Hopeless Lyrics by Future Bible Heroes
Hopeless Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Hopeless By Future Bible Heroes?

You've been tearing out your hair
And I've been drinking
Listening to music in the dark
And I've been keeping to myself
And you've been slinking
All around the trailer park

There's no use even trying
Because it's hopeless
All of our dreams are dying of overdoses
All of our plans are lying in ten-car road wrecks
There's just no point in crying
You know it's hopeless

You look at strangers like a kid in a candy store
I've been leaving on every train
And you don't keep a diary anymore
And I come home feeling no pain

Don't let me rain on your parade
Don't get your hair gray
It's just another wasted year
Nothing you can't forget in hours at the raceway
Nothing that can't be drowned in beer

Who Wrote Hopeless By Future Bible Heroes?

Maurice Young, Christopher Bridges, Fred St. Amand

What's The Duration Of The Hopeless By Future Bible Heroes?

The duration of Hopeless is 3:34 minutes and seconds.

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