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No Survivors [*]

No Survivors [*] Lyrics by G.B.H.
No Survivors [*] Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For No Survivors [*] By G.B.H.?

No survivors in this game of hate, we all get changed in a certain way.
Our ideals changed by mortar, there isn't a person who doesn't pay.

No survivors, burst the bubble.
No survivors, too much trouble.
No survivors, your just a pawn.
No survivors, don't conform.

Boys mature to men in weeks, while rivals stay on the boil.
The time is right, the 'real' cowards, we all suffer at this toil.

So patriots who wear your flag, can enlist and die together.
I'll stay at home, protect MY world, do two years and wear a white feather.

The fields in France are full of heroes, now only poppies remain.
Their colour red, their number many, and still not achieved their aim.

Who Wrote No Survivors [*] By G.B.H.?

Andrew Paul Williams, Colin Derek Abrahall, Colin Robert Blyth, Ross Andrew Lomas

What's The Duration Of The No Survivors [*] By G.B.H.?

The duration of No Survivors [*] is 2:37 minutes and seconds.

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