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Tha (Intro)

Tha (Intro) Lyrics by G. Perico
Tha (Intro) Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Tha (Intro) By G. Perico?

Ayy is we on? Okay
Here I go
Ayy what's happenin'?
It's that nigga g, comin' at y'all again
You know shit don't stop, when I said that I meant it, hahaha
Ayy and when I kick that all blue shit I mean that too, you know what I'm sayin'
But right now, we comin' at y'all 2 tha left
You know?
And uh, if you don't know what that is
Just give me a minute, I'ma show you
This shit real man, it's that ghetto shit
It's that uncut raw
This that shit that's true to my heart right here, you know what I'm sayin'?
We ain't goin' for that punk shit, man
We got my niggas in this motherfucker
Poly boy what's happening nigga?
Got this nigga khalil over here, I see you nigga, hahaha
Got that nigga pu in this motherfucker, what's happening nigga?
V12 on the boards
Where that nigga webb at?
Ayy, this 2 tha left right here man
You know, this everything we been going through
Everything we been doing, everything we been seeing
And how we live, you know what I'm saying
From the ghetto on back to the hills
And we doin' that shit with lightning speed, you know what I mean?
Hahaha, ah, fuckin' punk ass motherfuckers
Bet y'all ain't think we could do it, huh?
Ayy but look, we 'bout to get into this shit man
2 tha left
And uh, shit still don't stop
So way out, bitch

Who Wrote Tha (Intro) By G. Perico?

Jeremy Issac Nash

What's The Duration Of The Tha (Intro) By G. Perico?

The duration of Tha (Intro) is 2:35 minutes and seconds.

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