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Honestly [Encore]

Honestly [Encore] Lyrics by Gabbie Hanna
Honestly [Encore] Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Honestly [Encore] By Gabbie Hanna?

Cross my heart and hope to die
You never cross my fucking mind
Do you know what your little lies?
Do you know what I had to fight through?
Nothing that you say is mildly true
Spit deceit through shifty smiles
Two faces you've had for a while
You act like such a fucking child
Who are you now?
You're so hostile to me
I'm feeling homicidal you better run and try to hide
Ooh, I was livin' in denial through
All this time you had me riled up
All the shit has finally piled up
There's no chance of reconciling us with the falsehoods
I've been filing away for months you've made these stories up
Sick from the untruths you're throwing up
Had me thinkin' I was crazy but
Turns out I'm your favorite thing to discuss
You keep on talking just shut it up
You keep rubbing salt into the cuts
Broke the cycle need to reconstruct
You're no use to me I'm giving up

Baby you're a loser and I'm ashamed to say I ever knew 'ya
A user, taking all I'd give 'ya
I swear to God, I'll never miss 'ya
Swear to God, I haven't missed ya
God I hope I never miss 'ya

Who Wrote Honestly [Encore] By Gabbie Hanna?

Gabrielle Jeanette Hanna

What's The Duration Of The Honestly [Encore] By Gabbie Hanna?

The duration of Honestly [Encore] is 1:35 minutes and seconds.

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