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People May Come

People May Come Lyrics by Gabrielle
People May Come Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For People May Come By Gabrielle?

Reaching out
Don't know what you'll find
Always reaching out
Hoping you'll find love
'Cause when it comes
You'll hold on tight
But wonder will it ever survive
How long will it take
For love to stand by you?

'Cause everybody needs
Someone to love
And everybody needs
Someone they can trust and know

'Cause people may come
And people will go away
They can cause you disappointment and pain
They come as your friend
Though some in the end
They can leave you disappointed

You're in doubt
You've been down that road
Met many people
Who have left you cold
They pretend they're on your side
But soon draw their knives
Gotta learn to figure out
Just who's right and wrong for you



Gotta learn to read the signs
Gotta learn who's wrong from right
Gotta learn who is your friend
And will be there to the end for you
Gotta learn to live your life
Gotta learn to walk with pride
Gotta keep that in your mind
Gotta know deep down inside who's true





Who Wrote People May Come By Gabrielle?

Louisa Bobb, Ben Barson, Benjamin Wolff, Andrew Dean

What's The Duration Of The People May Come By Gabrielle?

The duration of People May Come is 4:32 minutes and seconds.

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