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Kids Lyrics by Gord Bamford
Kids Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Kids By Gord Bamford?

They ask you where do babies come from
A thousand who what where and how comes
Stare at you like you're dumb
When you make up the answers
They can make a horse from a chocolate lab
Turn your car into a taxi cab
For junior pro quarterbacks
And tiny ballet dancers
Ain't they a trip, kids

Imagine life without toy trains
Disneyworld and finger paint
Bed time stories, good night kisses
Blowin' birthday candle wishes
And bein' what we'd like to be again, kids

Some have it all, some don't have a chance
And some look up at life without a mom or dad
Live with a choice they never had
Born in that situation
But everyone of them is a gift from god
Whether anybody ever tells 'em or not
One of a kind little snapshot
Of his imagination and they're all his, kids

And they need heroes just like us
A little patience and a lotta love
Bedtime stories good night kisses
Blowin' birthday candle wishes
Time to be what they'll never be again, kids

They all pick up where we leave off
Take that torch and carry on
Live the lessons that we taught
Draw up a future tomorrow is, kids

From a twinkle in love's eye
To their first fresh breath of life
Bed time stories, good night kisses
Blowin' birthday candle wishes
Time will never fly that fast again
They'll always be the best thing that we did, kids

Who Wrote Kids By Gord Bamford?

Adam Wheeler, Jason Lee Jr. Owens, Philip E. O'donnell

What's The Duration Of The Kids By Gord Bamford?

The duration of Kids is 3:31 minutes and seconds.

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