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Disincarnated Lyrics by Gorguts
Disincarnated Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Disincarnated By Gorguts?

Have you ever thought
Where your soul will be
When you'll lie to rot
Die physically

Being so fascinated
By those mysteries
I've began some weird
Out of my body

I saw a light
In front of me
It blinked my eyes
Invited me in

Forever will shine
This tremendous light that drives me blind
When I got behind
Control was no longer mine
Meeting those who dies
Those who've been here before I arrived
I should have stayed behind
Only incarnation can now bring me back
To mankind

I'm where souls are lost
For eternity
I shall never come back
To reality

Who Wrote Disincarnated By Gorguts?

Eric Reme Giguere, Luc G. Lemay, Stephane Antoene Provencher, Sylvain Jaques Marcoux

What's The Duration Of The Disincarnated By Gorguts?

The duration of Disincarnated is 4:28 minutes and seconds.

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