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Forever with You

Forever with You Lyrics by Guy Sebastian
Forever with You Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Forever with You By Guy Sebastian?

He ya…
Do you remember
How we made it through the rain
Said together we remain
You and me
In love forever
Never imagine
We would go a separate way
But my life would be amaze
Hoping I find
You at the end

Tell me just love again kiss again
I just want to be us again
There's no reason to pretend
It's never there
That I lost without your love
And if we just hold each other close again
Make it through the very end
Baby I believe you never
I just want to spend forever with you

How can I forget
Just when your game I knew for sure
When my heart was being for
How could I
Take you for granted
Now that you gone
Every day is so unclear
I think I running out of tears
How can I
Get back the life with you and me


If we give up our night
Then let the feeling in our heart take over
Maybe they will see
How this love should be
Before my heart
Falls apart for you

Chorus: X2

Who Wrote Forever with You By Guy Sebastian?

Guy Theodore Sebastian

What's The Duration Of The Forever with You By Guy Sebastian?

The duration of Forever with You is 4:24 minutes and seconds.

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