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The Crow

The Crow Lyrics by Henry Kaiser
The Crow Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For The Crow By Henry Kaiser?

Check out the scheme of a dream thick fog all around me
Standing in a tunnel of blood hounds surround me
Shadow of a child my eyes visualize and figure
And as you walked backwards the shadow grew bigger
Temptation made me curios to follow it
All fear in my heart at that point I done swallowed it
State like trance as I reach out my hand
You wore an overcoat robe face was disclosed
Now was this a dream or reality
I was about to become one of Satan's fuckin fatalities
In silence, I hear the wings of a black crow flappin
The bird lands, then appears a man
Very sleek in physique, stood about six feet
Dispute was jet black I had to step back
His dimeanor wasn't pure, I knew this for sure
He had a diseased look that the world couldn't cure
I'm forzen, the fear returned to my body
Heart pumpin so fast, I thought I was goin into cardiac arrest
I wake up in a cold sweat, wifey sleepin on my left sound asleep
I peep around the room then I make a sudden jest
A feather from a black crow was beside my pillow
Was it a sign from God to repute for the things that I did in my lifetime
Now my soul's on the line
I'm puzzled, spark up a Newport
Then I take a fall in hell it's the cancer
Then I try and find an answer

My wisdom that I'm droppin is-
Is somethin like a doctor and
Necessary like oxygen
I'm seein who's my opposite
And who's my aid in life
So let's attract and repell
Third rate government they tryin to seize the world
Day like a rose, the wind is blowin hard against the window
Pull up the blinds there sits the crow
I back up fast heart beatin massive
Lost my breath, collapsin fallin on the mattress
I went into a state of unconsciousness
Open my eyes up, I'm layin on the dark street
Leaves blowin in the breezes, Jesus
I on the street like a nightmare
I take flight, a bird through the air
While I'm wingin it I see all sorts of chaos
Dead bodies, burned buildings turned over cars
Uh-uh, seein visions of an all out war
Territory factors, picture escape from New York
Gun fire, blomb flowin, nerve gas a-flowin
Just imagine whole race of Harlem gaurds showin
Realizin I was havin out-of-body experience
Return to my physical and wake up tense
Layin in the hospital as I figured the riddle
G-O-D was throwin at me paranormally so
Givin sight beyond sight about the world we know
A preminition that I saw through the eyes of a pro

Who Wrote The Crow By Henry Kaiser?

Omar Gerryl Credle, Rodney Lemay

What's The Duration Of The The Crow By Henry Kaiser?

The duration of The Crow is 3:34 minutes and seconds.

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