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Hard Lyrics by Henry Rollins
Hard Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Hard By Henry Rollins?

It's hard to get high
And it's hard to get through
And it hard to hear me, but I'm talkin' to you
And you see these hard eyes you know what I mean

And these eyes got hard
Now I can't see
I mean hard, man so good to find
I'm not hard, man, the iron mind

Go! Oh yeah!
I got hard, and I stayed hard
You can't keep me down because I'm hard
I keep movin' because I'm hard

I keep burnin' because I am hard
Oh yeah!
I'm goin' over not gettin' back
Hard sense makes a point

Oh yeah! Hey!
No one stops the rock around this ranch, boy, yeah!
Real pain is what I reach for
The real thing is what I came for

I am - because I'm hard
I will - because I am hard

Who Wrote Hard By Henry Rollins?

Maurice Simmonds, Shama Joseph, Theron Thomas, Timothy Thomas, Jevon Hill

What's The Duration Of The Hard By Henry Rollins?

The duration of Hard is 4:06 minutes and seconds.

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