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Down On Me

Down On Me Lyrics by Jackyl
Down On Me Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Down On Me By Jackyl?

All the things I see in you
All the things I know that are true
And when the light in the morning
Comes shining through

I see, I see

I see the sun shining
Down on me
I feel the heat of love's flame
Down on me
I love the thought of you comin'
Down on me
And I'm so wet from love raining
Down on me

Down on me, down on me

All the things you mean to me
All the things I want us to be
And when the man in the moon
Looks straight at you

I see, oh I see


And you're a new kinda way
That's getting stranger every day
Get on the good foo and keep it on top
One thing for certain, it ain't ever gonna stop


Who Wrote Down On Me By Jackyl?

Keith James, Curtis Jackson, Jeremy Phillip Felton, Michael Schultz

What's The Duration Of The Down On Me By Jackyl?

The duration of Down On Me is 4:33 minutes and seconds.

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