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Something Else Remix [*][Mix]

Something Else Remix [*][Mix] Lyrics by Jadakiss
Something Else Remix [*][Mix] Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Something Else Remix [*][Mix] By Jadakiss?

You know I love the style on ya
Blue forty caliber
Butterfly doors on the triple black challenger
And I'm still in and out
Got it so I'm spending out
Dope boy so I never have a problem in a drought
Don't take too much work if you can't manage that
In case you run out of empties use sandwich bags
Play with the hand you was dealt
That's why I ride the track til it melts
I can care less how you feel how you felt
I done spent niggas rent money on belts
Threesomes in the trunk
I'm fucking for the wealth
And the hood ask about me I'm something else

I ain't even did nothing
And it look like I'm trafficking
You see these blood diamonds
Sir my chain African
Speaking of my chain
Need to get a job
Get the f*ck up out my neck
Serve ? to Barack
Whatever that you do look
Don't get caught
That stash get low ya ass might get bought
Ok I'm over it lets talk about something else
I said I'm over it I think I'm buying something else
Leave everyday like a thug holiday
Suffocate a nigga bout my j. holiday
To make a movie bout my doc holiday
Son strapped 365 even holidays

Who Wrote Something Else Remix [*][Mix] By Jadakiss?

Jay Jenkins, Ricky Jones, Jason Phillips

What's The Duration Of The Something Else Remix [*][Mix] By Jadakiss?

The duration of Something Else Remix [*][Mix] is 5:24 minutes and seconds.

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