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Journey Lyrics by Jim Brickman
Journey Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Journey By Jim Brickman?

Five minutes in heaven
Is this all that we get, what a way to go
Five minutes in heaven
Breathe that scream into me, what a sad little show

It feels like love
Not some rigged up holiday
Where I believe in somebody who can bring me down again
It feels like love
Is this how you make me pay
Branding me with deep cuts that will never go away

Five minutes in heaven
Did you stage this yourself, every twist and turn
Five minutes in heaven
What a masterpiece, will we ever learn

It feels like love?

Five minutes in heaven
Is this all that we get, just a shadow, just a screen
Five minutes in heaven
Would you paint that smile made for me, just to wipe it clean

It feels like love?

Who Wrote Journey By Jim Brickman?

James Merrill Brickman

What's The Duration Of The Journey By Jim Brickman?

The duration of Journey is 3:02 minutes and seconds.

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