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Bandits Lyrics by Jim Crow
Bandits Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Bandits By Jim Crow?

get em buck
get out yo ass
where y'all at

some bandits
some bandits

i don't play shawty muthafuckaz swang my way
everythang i say be real dats treal i feel
that's these bitch niggaz sometimes twist nigga
no rhymin rich niggaz don't deserve shit nigga
i heard you waz a herb nigga
sissy butt girl nigga
give a ho a world nigga
you make me want to hurl nigga
don't talk like Earl da Pearl nigga
whenit come to hittin ladies naw dis ain't no curl nigga
(i love you boo)
sho nuff baby
niggaz sholl been trippin lately
hatin cause I'm makin dough
listen i got plenty bitches nigga
i don't need yo ho
don't you know da shit dat i got
make dem ho want to give me dat twa
pluck em pluck em
hard as rock
damn when i start its hard to stop
ain't no nigga out dere better
I'm tighter than wool an leather
f*ck you now ill take yo sweater
now bitch git yo shit together
my cheddar is my main focus
we smoke all y'all fuckin roaches
(hey muthafucka)

chorus 2x

we some bandits baby (baby)
i know its hard to understand it baby (baby)
somebody unhand us baby (baby)
'cause we some mutha fuckin bandits baby

a cru brought it in keep it crunk shit
whacha want to do fake nigga dat bump yo trunk shit
see i don fucked round an told y'all niggaz
ridin round in yo hilfiger
i snatch you out yo ???
niggaz gettin slizza
i don't drank dat don
I'm chillin everyday
when i spendin fo my son
went and got me dirty
hait kinda cutty
me and my niggaz we neva eva wake up early
get up bout two cause i got yo gurl through
she wanted to pat me down when i seen her in blue
in dem bootie shorts (damn) her potna looked fine
if she want to do it let shawty drank up some wine
so she can git slizza
we can cut her up
take her to one oak and pine tree
nigga wassup
bandit baby


neva put my drank down we havin som ??
boy tell her put dat put dat stamp on it and mail it
record it press it up and sell it
boy you just been approved
put some freedom our plan
we tried to make shit move
we make these beatz like a slave
tell yo ho to behave
git yo blunt and you blaze
i say we real nigga we peal
burnin rubber fo dayz
and it don't stop 'cause it won't stop
had a freak but you got cot cause da do locked
hola to dese spanish broads
all da dogz some bandits y'all
strait up while you stranded
leave you slizzad like some geritol
over all
we gon ball
neva fall
when you call remember nigga we some banditz bandits bandits

chorus to end (fade)

Who Wrote Bandits By Jim Crow?

Aldrin Davis, Damon Green, Jamal Jones, Ricardo Lewis

What's The Duration Of The Bandits By Jim Crow?

The duration of Bandits is 4:43 minutes and seconds.

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