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Big Dreams

Big Dreams Lyrics by Jim Crow
Big Dreams Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Big Dreams By Jim Crow?

Chorus x2
Big dreams make big stars
Don't forget who you are
Although I live for today

[Mr. Mo]
I ain't ???? I'm ????
???? bed dream
On the camera scene know what I mean
Get the bitch out your blood stream
See the green make some niggaz cake
Some buy a house on the lake
I'm a cheapskate like chocolate shake
And an ???? for the bath tub like the last love
Hundred and twenty seconds of that ????
Begging me to do whatever I would when I could
And I should but I can't in the hood a nigga ain't
Is it wood is or is it paint
Can't thaink because of the drank
Because of the cheese
Naw it's the jeans won't let her breath
These dollars keep burning quicker than the weed
Nigga please I take it day by day
Day by day

Chorus x2

Hey what's up nigga
Damn you don' came up boy
Remember you used to play in the marching band
You was a nerd nigga

Now you was lame growing up you ain't had no hoes in high school
Niggas used to take your shoes at the swimming pool
Used to kick it with the bustaz in the marching band
But you was wicked with the flute so you kept playin'
You got your first big machine when you was sixteen
Now the record label say you on fire like a kerosene
Money changed the scene
Oh you a star now
Got yourself a hundred thousand dollar car now
Damn you big time you don' came up
Go to the strip club every night get your thang sucked
Changed up your bifocals to Versace shades
But you still that lame nigga from the tenth grade
You bitch made and you can't hide that for moneyz
And them hoez got you putting snow in your nose
You dummy, but hey it's just a phase that you goin' through
You think you got it made if you only knew

Chorus x2

[Cutty Cartel]
Picture perfect our stylez
For those who rumor
Only leaving themselves blind to see if you ask me
Should be drug on concrete
Thus few less with heart
Then not to repeat buddy you weak
How it start as an art
A ritual that hasn't evolved
I say y'all meaning you
Check em like some girls
Coming from lunch on be hall
Telling your buddies 'bout who you do
Your self help from school like it's cool
You talk too much
You told my girl who I'm drilling and cutting
Yet it's all for nuthing
Still ain't got to deal with that shit
F*ck pain and suffering
I got to get it and get more
Politic connect with the next
To get this Jim Crow shit jumping like some sex
I'm hot flesh I see y'all niggaz hating cause we fresh
Some expose yourself lollygaggers and coat checkers
Pay your fare cause I just can't share it's all there

Chorus fade

Who Wrote Big Dreams By Jim Crow?

David A Sheats, Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson

What's The Duration Of The Big Dreams By Jim Crow?

The duration of Big Dreams is 7:20 minutes and seconds.

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